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Preservation’s background is small business.  We understand the challenges of risk mitigation, capital allocation, and maximizing after-tax cash flow. 

This perspective led us to create a self-insured retention policy in 2009 for our own operations. We’ve successfully used this vehicle to mitigate risks and increase cash flow over the last 15years. 

With a team of both internal and external professionals, we’re offering customized self-insured solutions to a variety of businesses. 

The Preservation program can control risk and maximize after-tax cash flow.

You can do something about rapidly increasing insurance premiums. 

Imagine how much better your business could be with Preservation’s financial and risk mitigation tools!

Richard Gray

Richard has over 40 years of experience in a variety of Fortune 500 corporate roles and as an entrepreneur. The Preservation program is based on a captive program he began 15 years ago for capital-intensive outpatient imaging centers. Captive, or self insurance, is a long-established, $10 billion segment of the overall insurance industry. Richard believes that this powerful risk mitigation and financial tool should be available to “main street” companies as well as the Fortune 500. The Preservation Extended Warranty program can also be combined with an Emerging Risk policy to protect companies against cyberattacks, supply chain interruptions plus over 40 additional risks that many traditional underwriters won’t insure. Client retention and investment of their own reserves is a foundation of both the Extended Warranty and Emerging Risk policies.‍
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Grayson Price

Grayson graduated from Liberty University with a Masters in Business Administration. He holds a certificate in captive insurance from the International Center for Captive Insurance Education. Grayson serves as the Chief Operating Officer for Preservation Services. He is responsible for the coordination of actuarial and regulatory approvals, as well as policy development to support the goals and objectives of Preservation Services clients.‍
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Joel Fernando

As Business Development Manager for Preservation Services, Joel works with clients to ensure a smooth onboarding process and excellent client service in the areas of both risk mitigation and financial optimization. Joel facilitates a team of programmers, actuaries, and other professionals to ensure a seamless and profitable client experience.‍
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